The first step to your success is to download the following Small Basic and Visual Basic software suites:  (hyperlink to downloads directory (Handup Pics and Downloads) … files in drop box)

  1. Acrobat Reader ( )
  2. Small Basic Install (\\Dropbox\\HandUP Pics and Downloads\2 Small Basic Install)
  3. Small Basic Course (\\Dropbox\\HandUP Pics and Downloads\3 Small Basic Course)
  4. Visual Basic 2010 Express Install (\\Dropbox\\HandUP Pics and Downloads\4 Visual Basic 2010 Express Install)
  5. Visual Basic Course Documents (\\Dropbox\\HandUP Pics and Downloads\5 Visual Basic Course Documents)
  6. Files needed in Course (\\Dropbox\\HandUP Pics and Downloads\6 Files needed in Course)

Giving people a hand up, not a handout,

is the way forward.


Contact us at: for help should you encounter any problems or to keep in touch so we may track your progress and further assist in making your software development goals a reality.

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We are a 100% South African based company specialized in developing code for the niche market sector since 1992.

WOW Software’s current focus is on the development of MMS (Manufacturing Management Software) that incorporates manufacturing control measures, such as stock and raw materials usage, while also providing a built-in feature to link to all major accounting suites.

We have recently embarked on an exciting new development project – a cost effective time management software system with built-in capabilities to link to existing payroll suites and payment solutions.

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Our motto on software is “KEEP IT SIMPLE & SMART”

We take pride in what we do and provide software solutions without the hassle.

WOW Software is developed on the KISS principle (Keep it Simple & Smart) and it speaks for itself.

Sign up today for a free 3 month software trail with no obligation, no contract, and no hidden costs. The offer includes free system support via the TeamViewer platform.