The overriding objective of SoftSpot Handup Community Projects is to empower those with no financial means to reach their dreams of becoming Software Developers by equipping them with free programming tutorials, hands-on assistance, and ideas. We all know the saying: “Charity begins at Home” We also know that “Hand-Outs” don’t teach people anything about Work Ethic.

Want to become a Software Developer? Then watch this

• How much will it cost?

The only ‘costs’ are time, effort and dedication

• What are the requirements?

A computer with 4 GB Ram, Internet access (for downloading tools once) and the following Software Programs and Manuals: (Hyperlink to Page 3)

• What are the outcomes?

You will learn how to write a basic Visual Basic Program, using an Access and SQL database on the .Net Framework

• What happens after that?

You can start learning more coding languages such as:

C# (C-Sharp)

Java Script



If programming is your passion, SoftSpot Handup Community Projects can assist you to get a foot in the door in the dynamic field of software development. All you need is a basic education, adequate literacy level, and good understanding of mathematics.

Passion is what we are looking for!