We are a 100% South African based company specialized in developing code for the niche market sector since 1992.

Our motto on software is “KEEP IT SIMPLE & SMART”
We take pride in what we do.
Our main focus is on providing excellent Customer Service
Software Packages available
Manufacturing Management System &
ClockSecure Clock System

Giving back to the community has become an important focus area in our fast, ever changing economic climate. By allocating time, expertise and resources to assist those who do not possess the financial means to reach their dream of becoming software developers, SoftSpot is lending a helping hand to the next generation.
SoftSpot Handup Community Projects is a registered Non-Profit Organization (178-649 NPO) with a vision to provide a “handup”, not a “hand-out”, to aspiring software developers by taking the time, and making the effort, to help financially disadvantaged members of our community to realise their goal of gaining entry into niche market software development.